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What is Entrepreneurship.net.au?

Real life mentorship offering real life results

Meet Brendan Murphy

With a background in disability enterprises, plus 15 years of success in business, Brendan is uniquely placed to mentor you along your entrepreneurship journey.
Brendan brings a hands on, adult learner model to Entrepreneurship, offering to immerse you in business from day one
As you progress through the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program, you’ll gain competence and confidence in your business.
Brendan ensures your NDIS experience is safe, and supported at your own pace, building authentic rapport and connection.

12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™

Are you ready for Entrepreneurship?


Initial Conversation

First, we sit down for an initial conversation, and share our past, present and potential futures.  It’s all about your passion, curiosity and willingness to learn above all else.


Prep + Planning

Let’s set aside 3 hours to meet regularly.  Entrepreneurs Pathways™ is flexibly structured around your personal vision and we work on that with you 1:1.


Implement and Grow

The Engine Room – working through the Steps.  You and I work side by side.  Hands on learning, question and answer, research, discovery and growth.


Approaching Independence

We launch and test your business in a real world setting.  We adapt to headwinds, and maintain mentorship and flow. We plan for the future and align goals for what may come.

Join the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program

12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™
1:1 NDIS Support

Learn practical strategies to clarify what your business idea is, where best to target your focus, and how to achieve lasting results going forwards.

The 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathway™ is a Spiral Path, you will circle through some of the topics over and over, each time at a different level

There is no such thing as being done with an Entrepreneur’s life – the frustrations and rewards exist at all levels on the path – and often repeat at a higher level or a different angle as you progress along your climb.

As you climb, the view will become broader and further and will excite but may also unsettle you. But you will gain confidence and feel safe as you establish firmer footing along the spiral.

What to Expect

Entrepreneurship can be taught – each of us is a teachable, complex and highly individual person yet there are common recognizable denominators to the entrepreneurs process. Working with the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathway™ there is a massive amount of excitement and energy as you begin your entry point to the spiral process.

Next, unexpectedly, there is a downward phase of simmering frustration at the slow pace of progress and the steady learning process. Whilst you may feel this is a personal failing, it is entirely normal.

Admittedly this course is heavy in new content and you will most likely be learning new concepts and processes each mentorship tutorial. This is a good thing.  You are free to travel at your own pace.  Patience and persistence is key during this phase of the spiral.

But, yes, this disappointment is followed by brief waves of grief, balanced with resistance and hope.  As we progress together up the Spiral of the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathway™ the peaks-and-valleys phase of growth becomes more like a series of expansions and matching contractions.

You will be growing and exploring what you have learned at the same time as feeling some doubts around your capabilities for implementing what you have learned.

Sticking to the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathway™

It is vitally important that you persist and stay with the program throughout these dark days of the mid spiral. Yes, of course it is tempting to drop out and concede that “perhaps entrepreneurship isn’t for you” and retreat back into mediocrity and skepticism. But I implore you to trust your deeper intuition and keep on plodding upwards along the spiral, the rewards are imminent.

If this sounds like a measure of emotional growth, well it is – personal development. We must allow the bolt of pain to strike us. Remember, this is useful pain – lightning illuminates.

  • Stop telling yourself “it’s too late”
  • Stop waiting until you have enough money to start your business
  • Stop telling yourself “it’s just my ego”
  • Stop telling yourself dreams don’t matter and you should be sensible
  • Stop fearing what friends or family might think
  • Stop telling yourself creativity is a luxury and you should be grateful for what you’ve got

Welcome to the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathway™ – a place where you can truly explore your Entrepreneurs Pathway with safety and genuine support and the NDIS outside big box mainstream day program constraints. 
Let’s talk and get you started exploring your dreams…


12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program

Entrepreneurs Pathways™

Your Number One Fear as a New Business Owner is Running Out of Money

And without a proven plan for growth – that’s exactly what may happen. When you’re guessing how to run your new start up as an entrepreneur, You constantly worry about cashflow, You waste time and money on strategies that don’t work and You feel like the chaotic start up phase never ends…

And that means zero work-life balance, constantly worrying about cash flow, and not feeling confident about the future.

You shouldn’t have to waste your time trying a million things to grow your business when there’s already a proven plan that will work for you. 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ is a hands-on, medium term NDIS mentorship program for emerging Entrepreneurs who are serious about implementing a plan to start up their business idea and give self employment a go.

In 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™, you’ll…

Adopt a proven plan through support and mentorship to unleash your entrepreneurship.
Gain access to the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ where Brendan Murphy works alongside you to skill you up and implement the plan to launch your business idea from day one.

Start seeing results Immediately

We like to plan 3 hour Mentorship tutorials each week to learn and install the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ Every step you complete moves you further upwards along the spiral towards realisation of your business goal.

Digital Mastery

Become familiar with websites and software, so that you can manage and operate your enterprise independently from anywhere. Lifelong skills like these are applicable across all domains.

Personalised Plans

The 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ includes deep dive learning and actionable steps on completing your individual business growth plan. We craft each Participant’s plan specific to your individual business circumstances – so your outcome is not some cookie cutter boilerplate service – but one of a kind, unique boutique!

Mentorship Tutorials with Entrepreneurs Pathways™ Experts

Have you been a part of an adult learning group where you felt like you were being treated like a child, or you had to sit through endless hours of boring theory?
That’s why we have 1:1 Adult Learning sessions, side by side immersion sessions with Brendan Murphy and other business expert support workers. Every session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from mentors and experts who know the tangible challenges start-up entrepreneurs from different industries face – and how to help overcome them.

Do you want ongoing support once you complete the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™?

As a Entrepreneurs Pathways™ Graduate, you’ll get insider access (for life) to Brendan Murphy at Entrepreneurship.net.au at the Graduate Discount Rate. I’m here for the long haul, and welcome you to come along for the journey and see how you can grow and evolve into a successful business owner. I invite you to have accountability and reminders to ensure you stay on track so you can experience growth for years to come.

“This isn’t a short term sugar hit, it’s a lasting, long term apprenticeship into entrepreneurship.”

Join today, places are limited

The 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ membership is perfect for an NDIS Participant looking to implement a small business or self employment plan at their own pace with 1:1 mentorship and support. Entrepreneurs Pathways™ is for NDIS Participants who have an existing small business, or have an entrepreneurial idea and are ready to launch. Entrepreneurship.net.au welcomes you.


12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program