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Hi, my name is Brendan Murphy.  I believe the best quality I can bring to your NDIS Entrepreneur adult learning is my own experience;  I can balance the intricate detail of on point marketing with sensitive and empathic attention to detail to meet your individual expectations. 
Look, real world business is sometimes a brutal hit and miss affair, and I encourage you to hit regularly and not to be too disheartened if you occasionally miss. 
Having said that, let’s work hard, and manifest some authentic, real world results.  The 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program will no doubt be a gamechanger for you as it has for many others previously.
Regardless of your ability, you can feel safe and heard and I will genuinely honour your creative entrepreneurial process with you.

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program

Disability Entrepreneurship?

Why Disability EntrepreneurshipABS data highlights that the disability community are more likely to pursue entrepreneurial activities than the broader population.  And it just follows that as a proven small business person with a successful entrepreneurial track record, it makes sense to share my knowledge with people who would most benefit.

Creative in All Aspects

And especially when you add over 15 years experience working alongside people with mental health and intellectual impairment in enterprise and small business ventures, most notably winning a Bronze NSW Premier’s Award for a Supported Enclave. During my time at the Government Department DADHC (later ADHC, now FACS) I drove several initiatives to ensure favourable outcomes for clients working alongside our teams.

Now, as founder of Entrepreneurship.net.au, I am impressed at the level of demand for entrepreneurship focused programs from NDIS participants. As a start up ourselves, we are coming to terms with this and in a growth phase.

My vision for Entrepreneurship.net.au is to have cohorts of participants moving through the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program and emerging as graduates, with quarterly check-in tutorials from year one to year three or whatever we feel is required in real life business.
This way no one is left behind.  Of course, if you should choose to continue to stay connected beyond, you’re welcome…

At Entrepreneurship.net.au we don’t do train and churn – we’re known industry wide for our lasting culture of authenticity, authenticity and meaningful connection.

Meaningful and Rewarding Self Employment for People of All Abilities

At Entrepreneurship.net.au we encourage NDIS Participants seeking to explore their potential opportunities in Micro Enterprises through the 12 Step Entrepreneurship Pathways™ Program. It’s all about offering people living with a disability the dignity of being able to say they have their own business, or that they are in the process of establishing themselves in a business venture.

Brendan Murphy is the Micro Enterprise Mentor and supports NDIS Participants to craft their own small business ventures based on their unique talents, interests and passion.

“It’s important that You, the Participant, are invested in the enterprise from day one, that’s why we like to thoroughly listen and tease out exactly what it is that interests you.” Brendan says, “Our first meetings are all about hearing what you have to say, making the connection, and building a genuine rapport.”

Local artist and NDIS Participant Emma, lives with an intellectual disability and owns a micro enterprise called Emma’s Artspace – a creative marketplace designed around her personal interests and abilities.

“Emma has always had a flair for hand drawn artwork. Throughout her school years, Emma was always doodling and drawing caricatures of celebrities. When we approached Brendan it seemed like an organic flow to build her business around Emma’s art,” Emma’s father Clint G revealed.

Emma works with a seemingly endless rainbow array of sharpies, drawing her high energy and multi-coloured imagery on a range of products from buttons to t-shirts to coffee mugs and bandanas. Emma sells her merchandise both online, through her website she set up and manages through the support and tuition of the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ Program as well as through more mainstream portals like markets and on commission in local boutiques.

Entrepreneurship.net.au has made all this accessible for Emma through the micro enterprise project NDIS funding. It’s crucial that after graduating from the initial 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program, Emma stayed in regular contact with Brendan for mentoring and tuition to stay on track.

“I have been able to pursue my love of art, as well as explore my dream of being self employed!” Emma beams with pride, “For me it’s all about when people ask me what I do – I tell them I have my very own business – and that I am an artist – and that they can buy my work from my website – that’s what is important to me.”

Brendan Murphy says NDIS support for people with disabilities to start up their own entrepreneur small business benefits both the individual as well as the community in a ripple effect.

“In 2023 we’re moving beyond the outdated model of leisure-style day programs, or isolated, low-paid sheltered workshops.” Brendan Murphy says, “The 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ Program offers a responsive, organic, “live” NDIS experience – uniquely boutique for each individual participant.”

“Too often I was seeing bored, underwhelmed Participants, yawning through their days, wondering if this was all that was on offer…” he says. “The NDIS micro enterprise participants I work with at Entrepreneurship.net.au are buzzing with anticipation, ordering stock, editing their websites, shipping their orders, meeting with customers.”

“There’s genuinely something special about the engagement and energy of business that entrepreneurship brings. Business goes beyond just having a job – it becomes a way of life and a way of seeing the world as an opportunity. And you’re getting paid at real world full pay rates!”

Brendan invites you to join him at Entrepreneurship.net.au and to consider joining the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program to explore your self employment NDIS opportunities.