Finding and Keeping a Job NDIS

NDIS Support to Start a Small Business

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Disability Entrepreneurship?

Finding an Keeping a Job NDIS

NDIS Support to Start a Small Business

NDIS support to start a small business; Post school options can use NDIS funding to start a business for NDIS self employment.

Are you seeking effective ways to empower individuals with disabilities, create inclusive workplaces, and unlock their full potential? Look no further! Our comprehensive NDIS Employment Support is here to revolutionize the employment landscape and provide significant advantages for both job seekers and employers.

Let’s delve into the remarkable features of our NDIS Employment Support and explore the invaluable benefits it brings:

NDIS Supported Employment

Customised Entrepreneur Matching Advantage: Our NDIS Employment Support utilizes our initial individual conversation and personalized assessments to match job seekers with opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and abilities.

The Benefit to NDIS Participants? By providing tailored job matching, we ensure that individuals with disabilities are connected to meaningful employment opportunities, leading to increased job satisfaction, improved productivity, and higher retention rates.

NDIS Finding and Keeping a Job

Self Employment Education and Support Advantage: Our 12 Step Entrepreneur Pathways program offers comprehensive education and support to NDIS participants, helping them create an inclusive work environment and fostering a diverse workforce. 

The Benefit to NDIS Participants? By equipping NDIS participants with NDIS supported employment knowledge and tools, they are better placed to make informed decisions about their future choices.  By initially accommodating NDIS participants with disabilities, micro-businesses, social enterprises and  self-employment promotes diversity and inclusion across the broader workplace.  This, in turn, leads to enhanced NDIS participant morale, increased entrepreneur innovation, and an improved flow on effect of general personal investment in NDIS finding and keeping a job.

Finding and Keeping a Job NDIS

Finding and Keeping a Job NDIS; 1:1 NDIS Micro Enterprise, Post School Options, School Leaver Coaching to help you use NDIS funding to start business.

Disability Entrepreneurship?

Professional Development and Skills Training Advantage: The 12 Step Entrepreneur Pathways offers NDIS employment support to budding entrepreneurs.  We provide a wide range of professional development and skills training programs tailored to the specific needs of job seekers, ensuring they have the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in their chosen fields.  Our particular strength is our digital expertise, including the complete suite of website development and design.  This means NDIS participants working with learn how to compete as entrepreneurs in the online space.

The Benefit to NDIS Participants?: Through our targeted training programs, individuals with disabilities gain new skills, expand their knowledge, and increase their employability, opening doors to better career prospects, increased earning potential, and long-term financial stability.
Regardless of your small business outcome, your NDIS finding and keeping a job prospects are improved longer term due to your overall skillset improving.  At we help build the whole person as an employable, work-ready member of the community.

NDIS Employment Support

Ongoing Support and Mentorship Advantage: Our NDIS Employment Support offers continuous support and mentorship throughout the employment journey.  We offer mentorship and coaching as part off the regular 12 Step Entrepreneur Pathways program sessions.  This means we are always working alongside each other, with a common goal of building your entrepreneur skillset.

As part of providing NDIS finding and keeping a job, the Entrepreneurs program builds confidence through building competence.  We encourage NDIS participants to work independently and seek to do their own administration and management of their businesses. 

We encourage and assist NDIS participants to work at their own pace and set boundaries around their work life balance.  

The Benefit to NDIS Participants?: The provision of ongoing support and mentorship empowers job seekers, enabling them to overcome challenges, build resilience, and thrive in their chosen small business, micro-business, self-employment,  or career, leading to increased job satisfaction, personal growth, and long-term career success.

Meaningful and Rewarding Self Employment for People of All Abilities

We firmly believe that our NDIS Employment Support can positively impact NDIS participants, and empower them to become confident, contributing community members. By connecting entrepreneur minded NDIS participants with social enterprises, micro-businesses, and self employment, we help promote a more inclusive society, reduce stigma, and create pathways to equal opportunities.

We invite Support Coordinators, Plan Managers and Local Area Coordinators to consider making a significant difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and embrace the numerous advantages our NDIS Employment Support offers.  Now is the time to reach out to our team at and explore the options of how we can provide optimal outcomes for NDIS Employment Support.  

Together, we can create a future where everyone can contribute their unique talents and thrive in the workplace

Brendan invites you to join him at and to consider joining the 12 Step Entrepreneurs Pathways™ program to explore your self employment NDIS opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers related to NDIS Employment Support and Finding and Keeping aa Job NDIS.

Can I work if I am on the NDIS?

The NDIS can fund supports in employment for participants who need extra help to pursue their employment goals.

What is the NDIS employment goal?

One of the NDIS key goals is to support you to achieve more independence and greater social and economic participation.

Can you get NDIS and Centrelink?

NDIS funding is not means tested.  Receiving Centrelink payments will not impact on your ability to qualify for NDIS funding or support.

What is a supported employee?

Supported employment refers to jobs where people with a disability can receive extra support whilst they are at work.